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Mountain Climbing



Common Conditions

Pain | Sciatica | Failed Surgeries

| Sport Injuries | Insomnia | Depression



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Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Acupuncture | Microneedling 

| Red Light Therapy | Nanoneedling 

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Starting at $150 *PACKAGES AVAILABLE

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Womens Health

Menstral Pain | Prenatal Care | Fertility 

| Menopause | PMS

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“I came to Tammy as part of my recovery from a broken humorous and the associated stiffness and inflexibility in the shoulder area. The first treatment increased mobility immediately! The following treatments continued to work on healing and mobility. I appreciate the time she takes at the beginning of every session to check in - how was the last treatment, how are you feeling now? I look forward to every session knowing that is speeding me along in my recovery!"

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“Today was my first day of acupuncture, etc. Tammy had a lovely manor explaining everything as well as offering advice. I was very happy to have found her!"

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*Not accepting new patients at this time

What To Expect



Your first visit to the clinic will usually last about 60 minutes. Your appointment will begin with an in-depth intake and discussion about your health, health history, concerns about your health and goals you may have for your treatments. Part of our diagnostic process includes a review of your tongue and pulse palpation. This first full intake is an important diagnostic process necessary to fully understand and address your health concerns, as well as the preparation of an appropriate treatment plan tailored to you.


After the intake and assessment, we will begin the acupuncture treatment. Once the needles have been inserted and you are comfortable, you will rest in your treatment for approximately 20 minutes. During this time your body is making adjustments and moving qi, it is vital to allow the appropriate amount of time for this process.


Most often, your follow up visits will lasts 45 minutes. I will begin with a brief review of signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse review. Treatments are based on individual needs and reactions to acupuncture. Treatment plans are always individualized and reviewed at each appointment. If you have questions about whether acupuncture is right for you, please call the clinic. I am always looking forward to hearing from you.


 Wear loose fitting clothing that can be adjusted over knees and elbows during your appointment


• Please be sure to completely fill out the new patient forms

• Have a healthy snack or small meal prior to your appointment time

• Avoid caffeine before treatments

• Do not brush your tongue the morning of your appointment

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How to Prepare for each visit:

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